Pick up a Penguin! Antarctica & South Georgia Charity Auction – July 7th-19th 2023

I’m really excited to be supporting the South Georgia Heritage Trust this year.

SGHT are an small, amazing team, based in Dundee, Scotland. For 6 months of the year a team works in South Georgia running the museum and on various human & environmental heritage projects.

King Penguin at Grytviken Whaling Station

 King Penguin at Grytviken Whaling Station – Liam Quinn

In brief, Grytviken, South Georgia was one of two main whaling stations – responsible for much of the destruction of whale species back in the 1920’s – 1950’s. South Georgia has some unique bird life, apart from being a haven for penguins and seals but the introduction of invasive species (reindeer etc) and a rodent infestation (from the whaling boats, etc) destroyed much of that.

The SGHT have eradicated the rats (a 10 year hard work programme), the whales are recovering, the plants and unique wildlife are recovering and there are strict controls for visitors so we don’t bring anything back to the island that shouldn’t be there.

It’s teeming with life – South Georgia is now an ecosystem in recovery!

You can read more about this fantastic project here:


South Georgia Heritage Trust Auction - Silver Penguin Jewellery donation
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Support the SGHT by bidding for my Penguin Necklace

To support such a good cause, I’ll be donating one of my Sterling Silver Penguin Necklaces to the South Georgia Heritage Trust Auction, which takes place on the 7th July.

For more information about how to join the auction, check out the SGHT news page for the latest updates – the auction will be launched by the Free Webinar – The Orca’s Tale, also linked below:

👉 SGHT Latest News

👉 Online webinar: The Orca’s Tale 7th July 2023

📢 South Georgia Heritage Trust Auction – July 7th – July 19th 2023

I’m also offering a massive 15% off any item in my Polar range for a limited time to celebrate all the hard work that SGHT do.

👉 Blue Whale Collection
👉 Walrus Collection
👉 Polar Bear Collection
👉 Penguin Collection
👉 Snow Goose Collection

Just use code POLAR15 at when paying for your order 😀

Southern Ocean Stories: The Orca's Tale

Free Webinar – The Orca’s Tale

What can we learn from the stories of the orca (killer whales) of the Southern Ocean?

SGHT are also working with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to bring you a special webinar on the 7th July:

Southern Ocean Stories: The Orca’s Tale

Two researchers, Jared Towers and Leigh Hickmott, will be telling us about working with Killer Whales in South Georgia and the Antarctic. We will find out how studying the movements, behaviour, abundance and ecology of Killer Whale populations using direct observations and remote sensing technology can tell the story of our changing environment. Their tales about their experiences working in Antarctic waters will be illustrated with their amazing photographs.

You can sign up for this special free online event now at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/southern-ocean-stories-the-orcas-tale-tickets-656851690087?aff=SGHT

Southern Ocean Stories: The Orca’s Tale will launch the SGHT online charity auction to raise funds towards their conservation programmes in Antarctica and South Georgia. You’ll find a wonderful selection of experiences and exclusive lots on offer (including an Elouise Makes Penguin Necklace), from a very special Antarctica cruise to unique artworks and collectables. After the webinar you can browse the auction online and place your bid before 19th July.

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