Caring for Silver:

Over time your recycled silver creature may tarnish. Keep it nice and shiny with a silver polishing cloth. You can buy these from most specialist jewellery shops, alternatively, you can get in touch and I would be happy to supply you with one. For any further tips on caring for your silver visit the V&A website for some top tips from the experts!

Caring for oxidised Silver:

Some of my oxidised silver pieces have intricate black detailing. This may wear away due to repeated rubbing against your skin. To help prevent the finish wearing away, keep your jewellery away from contact with any perfumes, hand creams and body lotions. Your oxidised piece of silver jewellery has been sealed with renaissance wax to preserve the finish for as long as possible, however the wax will wear off after time.

If you are worried about the oxidation wearing off, you may wish to purchase some of your own renaissance wax and periodically seal it. If you would like your piece re-detailing, please contact me so that you can continue to enjoy your jewellery for years to come!