Animal Myths & Legend: Fantastic Foxes & Foxy Fables

As well as being a true animal lover (I’ve never knowingly walked past a cat without saying hello), I’m also fascinated by the ways that animals are represented in folklore, myth and legend.

Animals have been portrayed in varying ways over the millenia in times when superstition was taken as fact and things were just a little more mysterious than they are today and I love delving into that when I’m designing the creatures in my jewellery range.

Fox in grass
Red Fox by Scott Walsh

One of the most mythologised creatures is the fox.

Symbolising cleverness, independence, playfulness and mischievousness, beauty, protection and good luck, the fox is sometimes seen as a trickster, sometimes wise and benevolent, but always super intelligent and sharp as a tack. Foxes feature in Celtic, Native American, Inuit, African and even ancient Mesopotamian folklore, often acting as a guide or saviour.

Dancing Fox, Ohara Koson (1877-1945) Woodblock print

The Magic Fox of Three Countries by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Picture Credit The British Museum)
The Magic Fox of Three Countries by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

In Japanese folklore, foxes are known as Kitsune. They are depicted as intelligent and magical creatures that can shape-shift into human form. According to the legends, the Kitsune can have up to nine tails, with each tail representing a higher level of intelligence and power. They are also known for their mischievous nature, often playing pranks on humans for their amusement.

Fantastic Mr Fox
‘Your Father Is A Fantastic Fox’ – illustrated by Quentin Blake – for the classic book ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ written by Roald Dahl

Today foxes are still associated with cleverness – think Fox and Vixen in The Animals of Farthing Wood, or Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox outwitting the three farmers. They’re also just stunningly beautiful creatures, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch sight of one as you walk through the twilight you’ll know the bold way they stop and stare back, unafraid, before turning and casually trotting away.

When I wear my fox necklace I feel confident and protected but also playful – a reminder not to take life too seriously, and to seek out the fun in my day.

What do you think of when you see a fox? (Let me know in the comments, I love getting messages from you!)


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