Sterling Silver Bat Pin


This silver bat pin showcases the graceful wingspan of a bat, with its delicate curves and contours and makes for an elegant and unique gift. Handmade in the UK from 100% Ethically Sourced Sterling 925 Silver.

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Ethically made and sourced silver bat pin

Add a touch of elegance to your jewellery collection with this stunning silver bat pin. This piece is hand-crafted from high-quality, 100% ethically sourced sterling silver.

The bat symbolises many meanings across the world, usually associated with intuition, mystique and rebirth. The intricately detailed designs showcase the graceful wingspan of a bat, with delicate curves and contours expertly brought to life.

Individually handmade in the UK with love and sustainable practices, you can be sure that this silver bat pin is made from 100% ethically sourced sterling 925 silver, and only environmentally friendly chemicals and products are used to ensure that this piece of jewellery is responsibly and sustainably made.

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Ethical Policy

Rosie Deegan's Ethical Policy on Elouise Makes Silver Jewellery

Ethically Made, not Manufactured

I believe that, as a jeweller, I have a responsibility to take care of the earth that’s home to the creatures I love. Because of this, I’ve carefully considered each step of the making process – from the initial design to the moment you open your jewellery box to peek at your new keepsake.

– Sustainable Jewellery, from mine to market

One of the most crucial aspects of ethical making is supply chain transparency – knowing that from mine to market, all the materials I use are sourced and processed in the most ethical and sustainable way.

As with every piece of jewellery from Elouise Makes, this piece of jewellery is handmade using sustainable, recycled sterling 925 silver and handcrafted in my Midlands UK workshop.

– Chemical free jewellery making

In mainstream jewellery, strong acids and other chemicals are used to clean the metals ready for sale. These are not only unsafe for the jeweller, but harmful to the environment.

All Elouise Makes jewellery is cleaned using citric acid – a completely safe, organic, non-toxic and non-corrosive liquid – just one part of what makes my jewellery a safe and ethical choice.

Rosie Deegan's Ethical Policy on Elouise Makes Silver Jewellery
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Sustainable Packaging

Every element of my packaging is completely recyclable or biodegradable. I have carefully chosen all the materials that go into my jewellery and packaging, from suppliers I trust. As well as the recycled precious metals I use to make your jewellery, I selectively package your jewellery using:

  • Jewellery boxes which are 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable
  • Jewellery box foam which is fully recyclable
  • Postal boxes which are 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable
  • Wood wool which is 100% biodegradable
  • Brown parcel paper which is 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable
  • Eco paper tape with a natural latex-based adhesive, 100% biodegradable & recyclable
  • Printed materials which are all 100% biodegradable and fully recyclable
  • Postage stickers which are 100% biodegradable
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